The Cerdalon® Garden Collection includes more than 90 plain fabrics, which are the base for more than 700 articles which feature basically in:

  • Market leading colour range of plain fabrics
  • Innovating designs
  • Diversified textures
  • Sophisticated jacquards

All Cerdalon® fabrics are made of 100% Acrylic, fibre dyed Dralon®, and produced under European quality standards.

Due to this valuable base we can guarantee the adequacy of Cerdalon® for products in garden and exterior use such as upholstery, cushions, bags and shoes, umbrellas, articles for baby use and fashion. The soft and skin-friendly touch of fabric, the high resistance against climate agents and the big range of colours and designs enabled the success of our product in many application -fields and -markets.

All Cerdalon® fabrics have stain proof finishing CerdaCoat®, which grants water repellence and easy cleaning properties.

The Cerdalon team invites you to our private area for customers so that you can download and visualize the complete Cerdalon®Garden collection.

We extend you a warm welcome!