We present the Cerda Home® collection in 4 different quality goups: Cerdalon®, Cerdacotton®, Nature®, Olympo®  Together and with different fibre material our fabrics find application in interior decoration such as upholstery, curtains, table linen, pillows and bedding.

Cerdalon® fabrics are made of fibre dyed 100% acrylics. Due to its friendly and soft touch and the high resistance they are suitable for indoor upholstery, decoration, bags and shoes, kitchen accessories… In this group of fabrics we feature our structure weavings like Panama, Mora, Hispano, Tejano… which grant quality, resistance and unique design for home fabrics.

Cerdacotton® fabrics are made of polyester and cotton; using the advantages of cotton they are suitable for the confection of pillows, bed linen, baby’s accessories and complements. We enrich these qualities with the nearly unlimited design possibilities of digital printing.

NATURE® fabric: This collection was born with the fibre combination of polyester-cotton and linen, offering natural and rustic touch in three different collections: Nature – big colour range of Plain fabric, Merlin – coordinating check design, and Nature Digital with a wide design range of digital prints. This collection shows actually 60 references.

Olympo® is our latest novelty and belongs to the premium sector of interior upholstery fabrics. Due to the high quality of materials, the sophisticated production process and the richness of finishings these fabrics complete with high level quality. In this collection we use different materials such as Viscose, Polyester, Acrylic, cotton, and more. They all have stain proof finishing CerdaClean® which gives the guarantee of cleaning with only water.

The Cerdalon® team invites you to the customer’s private area so that you can download and visualize the complete Cerdalon® Home collection.